Layout & Formatting Services
What is on offer

We are looking to undertake all the functions necessary to create the perfect end product. Using highly skilled and dedicated staff that is right for the task, we take your design and contents and use our layout and formatting skills to finalise your product for Offset or Digital Printing or simply publishing electronically. Your information is safe and kept strictly confidential. Our services are quick and responsive and we’re always ready with advice or just a smile.

For Whom
  • Small and medium size companies who are already doing layout and formatting in-house at a much higher cost like Ad Agencies, Design Houses etc.
  • Educational Institutions like Universities and Collages who publish a lot of material monthly
  • Sports Bodies like AFL and VFL in order to produce their souvenirs and match related publications
  • Magazine Publishers like RACV to layout and format their monthly Royal Auto magazine
  • Cable TV Companies like Foxtel for their monthly Programme Guide

How do we do it

Our work process is simple

Step 1

Using the internet you will upload your Design Concept for your new book, magazine, brochure etc. which should be provided by you or your designer in electronic format using design software like Adobe Indesign or QuarkExpress and also all your raw final contents needed to complete the formatting and layout process at our end which will include a dummy layout, text, images, graphics, charts etc.

Step 2

Then we will download and check and verify the data downloaded for accuracy and put our highly skilled individuals to work and layout your raw content into the Design Concept provided by you making sure we abide by the design constrains (fonts, margins & columns, colours and binding method) provided in the Design Concept. We will draw graphs, charts and diagrams from raw data provided by you if needed and place images and graphics in its correct location, adding sections and pages if required as we go along to complete your project. We will also check and inform you about your Images and Graphics quality which will be provided to us by you in order to make sure the final product is suitable to meet the end media output standards, whether it be Offset or Digital printing or electronic publishing. We will also provide you with the most suitable digital file to meet your end requirement.

Step 3

We will then upload the final file in PDF format for you to go through and proof and see that we have done the project correctly and as per your expectations as after all you know your product best. At this stage we will do any minor corrections and design changes needed to arrive at your end goal. Corrections can be done via e-mail or skype conference calls. Thereafter we will upload the final file back to you in any suitable format to be output at your end in the media of your choice. Please see below a detailed diagram which will explain this process better.

Advantages to the Client

Since our operation is based in Asia, our costs are much lower, which enables us to have better trained and experienced employees at a much more cost effective rate than our client. This makes our product very much cheaper and at the same time enables us to provide a superior product on time. Further depending on the client’s location we can be of much advantage taking the time difference into consideration and provide our services on a quick turnaround basis to our clients. Imagine sending us the files and going home from your office in the evening and arriving at office the next morning to find the completed job in your Dropbox ready to be proofread, now wont that be worth looking at.

Technical Expertise and Software

We use the most upto date sate of the art design and formatting software in the industry with all our staff supervised by highly qualified and experienced manages having years of experience in formatting and layout techniques. Some of the specific design and layout software we use include;
  • Adobe Indesign
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Quark Express
  • Corel Draw

Our layout and formatting staff work both on PC and Mac platforms and our well trained to handle all the industry problems that come up in this area.

This is what makes Copyline International a winning formula for your project. We provide the best combination of layout, formatting and service skills at the best possible rate and use the best mix of people for the job.

All in all, a great company for your layout and formatting needs.