Designing Services

We at Copyline International undertake designing and formatting services for all your products, from the initial design concept to writing and editing, photography, photo editing, colour correction, layout and formatting. We also specialise in taking your existing designs and expand them to create other products you need. Our expertise allows us to conceive completely new items based on your designs and styles, and these will enhance your level of services towards your customers.

We offer our clientele the wealth of knowledge we have gathered by working with many top international resorts and we use our skills and know how to enhance the quality of your products designs and presentations in order to maximise your customers’ satisfaction.


Formatting Services

We also specilise in providing “Outsourced Layout & Formatting Services”. This product is for any client who wants information professionally published as printed material or for presentation on the web. To see more on this area of services and how we can help you reach your goal fast and professionally



Printing Services

With many years of knowledge we have had in printing resort collateral for top international resorts, we effortlessly meet all our customers’ needs by providing a personal service and by always paying every attention to detail. Our excellent coordination and follow up ensures that every step of your product, from the printing to producing, takes place according to a set time frame. We are proud to claim that up to date, Copyline International has never missed a deadline.

In order to offer our clients the best Total Print Production Solutions money can buy, we work closely with outsourced professionals using some of Sri Lanka’s most reputed printers which enables us to produce high quality printed products to meet all your requirements.

We also offer you the option to select the areas of service your require ie. print production and shipment only, using files supplied by the client or full service from brief to finished product. Whatever job we undertake for you will come with extremely competitive pricing and the guarantee that any assignment outsourced to us would be finished meeting the highest standard of quality while always being delivered on time; every time.


Delivery Services

Delivery is done using our network of experienced freight forwarders who have been working with us for many years in order to deliver your product, sorted, labeled and custom packed to your needs, to any part of the world at very cost effective rates. Our customised delivery solutions comes with many options ie. Courier, Air Freight & Sea Freight and we may use one or more delivery options together in order to meet your requirements by providing a fast cost effective service to your destination.